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Our Projects


As a flagship product of the company, brings the major revenues for the company. The website provides financial information to the general public and is very popular in Nepal.  Alexa ranks it as 50th most popular website in Nepal. It has daily sessions of 150k (app included) on an average. The merolagani page on facebook has 220k fans. With this popularity and credibility in the stock market segment, we sell some products off the website on a subscription basis:

1. Portfolio Tracker Software – online tool to keep track of stocks, profit / Loss calculation and a real-time portfolio tracking software. We have over 60k registered users.

2. Data Analytics Software – This is comprehensive software collecting fundamental data of all listed companies for over 5 years, ready to be analyzed in various financial ratios and growth scenarios. The software also provides charting software for technical analysis in near real-time data from the stock exchange. This software is very popular among the advanced level investors in the stock market. We have over 2000 registered users since its launch in September 2017.

3. Newsletter – The newsletter services provides merolagani and it’s analysts overview of the market every Sunday. The 20+ pages newsletter discusses market scenario and upcoming strategies to consider while trading in the stock market. It also presents its view on various stocks, buy/sale/hold recommendations. It has over 3500 users.

4. Podcast Service – The podcast service provides purely stock market news over audio podcast. The news is a two liner story giving the investor short update about events in the stock market. The podcast service has also provided share education on the audio. It has over 4000 users.

5. Stock Market SMS alerts – This is a very popular service currently offered to only Ncell customers. Users who take this service, get a daily SMS alerts of stock market major events like Book close notice, Right Share Notice, New Share Notice, Market Summary etc. The users can also enquire many information over the SMS. This service is used by novice investors. It has over 50,000 users.

6. Virtual Stock Trading – This service provides a learning experience to investors by simulating the market conditions on our app. The users can buy / sale shares virtually and learn if their strategy can really beat the market. We organize monthly competition of Virtual Stock Trading for prizes upto Rs. 100,000. We have over 5000 Users.

7. Online Stock Training – We have a full fledge training department that looks after training. Our users at the website continuously trust us for the basic and advanced technical analysis courses. We have been providing training for over 4 years now and over 800 students passed so  far. But because of the covid-19 crisis, we developed an online course, available on our website. The users for this course are over 3000.

B. Merolagani Nepse App

The app is available at the google play store and apple store. It has 200k plus downloads at the playstore while ios downloads exceed 50k. It is a miniature version of website


Mero school is our mobile application and website product aimed at providing online education for different levels in Nepali language. This product has over 20000 tutorial videos, 40+ plans and 100+ courses. Courses for Class 1 to Class 12, Engineering, Engineering Entrance Preparation, Graphic Design and Illustration, Language and Online Sharing are available in Mero School. Similarly, other faculties will be added over time.

D. Mero.Games

Mero.Games is the gaming unit of the company currently developing a Role Playing Strategy Game. The game is called “World War III – Endgame”, it replicates the life of citizen which can work, train and fight for its country and survival. The game is expected to be live in October 2020. Besides, developing in house games, unit has also partnered with global gaming giants like Tencent of China (Developer of Pubg Game), and of Malaysia, for distribution of their gaming codes for Nepal region.

E. World War IV – Endgames

Its year 2030. World War III has just ended, causing devastating effect to the world. Many countries have been destroyed, many united to form powerful single unified government.   All European countries merged together to form United Europe whereas all remnant middle east countries joined to form United Middle East. At this date, now only eight world powers remain – USA, UK, United Europe, United Middle East, Russia, Japan, China, & India.   The aftermath of WW3 has made humanity at the brink of extinction, and you are one of the survivors! Choose among the remaining 8 countries and be prepared for the final fight of World War IV for total world domination!

F. Jugg Wars

Jugg Wars is a third-person online shooter game with real-time Player Vs. Player battles in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) mode. A total of 5 players are matched online, out of which 1 player is randomly selected to play the character of Jugg Mech and the rest 4 player target to defeat the Jugg Mech in this online battle arena.


CAPITALIZE is a portfolio management software which is built to help merchants to build, track, and manage their clients’ investment portfolios. This helps in wealth management, cash management and provide financial tools. This software also includes communication tools to facilitate client investor communication and is designed to be used by investors, financial advisors, and their clients.

The portfolio management tools are a way to easily glance across all the products or services that the merchants offer in order to better manage, organize, and analyze them. It gives a real-time view and easily tracks and manages your entire financial in our Dashboard.

This software also helps to track product growth prospects and operational risk. This helps you decide which products to grow and which to eliminate.